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Richard Rash is one of America's leading experts on financial solutions for seniors.  He is a regular contributor to programs such as Money Matters in America and The Niche Report, and was recently featured on FOX News.  His website will provide you and your loved ones with the right financial tools to enrich your retirement years. 

Richard's book Unlock That Equity -- Financial Freedom For Seniors is slated for Nationwide release in 2012.  You can order copies of the book by visiting our Company Store or by calling 1-954-822-8443 today

Interview with Richard Rash -- Part One


Interview with Richard Rash -- Part Two


What Is a Reverse Mortgage?

Also known as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), these are Federally-Insured loans for seniors 62 and older.  It allows them to tap into that "trapped equity" in their homes and transform it into TAX-FREE income.  There are no credit, income or asset requirements, and best of all, you NEVER HAVE TO MAKE A MORTGAGE PAYMENT, as long as you live in the home!  The proceeds from a Reverse Mortgage will allow you to pay off that existing mortgage & eliminate debt, create an estate for your loved ones, remodel your home or take a trip around the world. Instead of paying the bank, isn't it time the bank pays you?  Call us at 1-954-822-8443 to find out if a Government-Insured Reverse Mortgage is right for you.